N2 Hell Run - Community Turn to Zello App

N2 Commuters, have now turned to Zello "Push to Talk App" 

A few days into the community drive to make the N2 safer for commuters, the community has turned to Zello. Since the launch of the Channel HCW/VETUS N2 PATROL, this weekend the channel has attracted over 480 regular N2 travelers. 

The app is a handy tool, as it works like a two way radio. Members update important news about what is happening on the N2, as it happens. Members of the channel give updates, as to any disruptions or emergencies that take place.

You, can join the channel by downloading the Zello App on your cell phone, through your app store on your Smart Phone.

Zello walkie-talkie app
Zello is a free push-to-talk application for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It's lightweight, easy to use and extremely fast. Better yet, it's free and will remain free for personal use.
Over 65 million. That's how many times users have downloaded Zello. Try it on your AndroidiPhoneWindows Phone,BlackBerryPC or a mix!

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