Whale Washed Up Strand Beach Front

Dead Whale Washed Up Strand Beach 
Residents and holiday makers woke up to find this whale washed up on the rocks on the Strand Beach Front. The cause of the whales death is unknown.
This afternoon, chaos hit Strand Beach Road, as thousands of people came out to see the washed up whale. The beach road was closed off by traffic officials and a barrier was put in place along the beach, to prevent the public from coming into contact with the dead whale. A caterpillar attached a rope around the whale's tail and pulled it off the rocks and into the surf, it was later joined by another caterpillars which rolled the whale on the beach to remove the carcass. It is unclear where the dead whale will be dumped and the cause of the death. It is also does not seem to make sense as to dump the whale's carcass on land, when it could be towed to Seal Island for the Great White Sharks to feed off. 
The whale is a baby Right Whale, they come to the Southern Cape Shores, including False Bay to breed and suckle their young, until they return to to the Antarctic in late summer. Last year another dead whale was washed up in Gordon's Bay. 

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