Armed Robbery at Somerset Mall

I just heard there was an armed robbery yesterday at American Swiss in the Somerset Mall. According to the Cape Times, the jewelry store was robbed at gun point and the robbers got away with a number of items of jewelry and gold watches.

Unbelievable that there are cctv cameras monitoring the mall and yet crimes like these still occur apparently this was the third armed robbery at the Somerset Mall.

I wonder why is the security at the mall so slack?

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  1. Anonymous29/5/09

    It is unbelievable that criminals have the tenacity to operate the way they do. Something must certainly be done.

    What exactly is the role of the security? There is a huge case of role ambiguity that security guards face today.
    Is it their job to catch the robbers or is it mostly for visual deterrence/insurance?

    I read the other day of a security guard who tried to detain a robber, shots were fired and a innocent by passer got shot and seriously wounded.

    Who's to blame for the shooting? I believe it was the security guard's fault.

    Many people would disagree, but if the security didn't get physically involved we would've only have a robbery, not a robbery and a shooting.

    One solution to this problem might be police patrolling our shopping malls. Any other suggestions?


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