I was walking on the Strand Beach in December 2008 with my kids. There was a massive water slide on the Strand Beach and I took my kids over to experience the thrill of going down the slide. I went to buy the tickets and noticed the owner of the slide getting out of a top of the range AMG Mercedes Benz. I wondered to myself why someone of this stature would be sitting in the sun selling rides. As my kids were rushing up and down the slide I recognised that it was Bertus Van Zyl, the CEO of City Capital a property syndication Company. Bertus Van Zyl is a resident of the Helderberg Basin.

When I got home I was perturbed as to why a CEO of a multi million rand property company would be willing to sit on the beach to make a few hundred rand in the middle of December? I started to do some research on the internet and I knew something was seriously out of place. I attempted to get Nose Week to look into the matter, but to my knowledge they did not investigate the story.

I was very concerned as I knew that some so called "financial advisors" where actually getting pensioners to bond their homes and then invest into City Capital for a high return using the lure of high income offered by City Capital. City Capital attracted millions of rands as the company offered brokers very high commissions up to 10%. Advisors that have sold City Capital shares to pensioners, widows and orphans never considered the risk they put thier clients at and should be held liable. Many pensioners in the Helderberg Basin have invested in this scheme and stand to loose thier investments as on the front page of the Weekend Argus, Saturday 30th May '09.

When selling investments, there are many legal issues around offering financial products to the public. One of them is the FAIS Act under the FAIS Act advisors can be held liable for bad advice. If you have invested in City Capital you need to lodge a complaint with the FAIS Ombudsman Mr. Charles Pillai immediately on this toll free number: 0860 324766 do not hesitate to do this and don't listen to brokers that will try reassure you about City Capital.

I urge all pensioners to ensure that they get proper financial advice. If something seems too good to be true, it most probably is.
If you are unsure about an advisor, request to see their qualifications, their license to give financial advice under the Fais Act and verify that they work for a reputable company goverened by the Financial Service’s Board.
Under this act, investors funds are protected and advisors can be held personally liable for rendering poor financial advice.

If you need to get financial advice contact Stephen Leppan


  1. Anonymous30/5/09

    I have just visted City Capital's website and all information is removed except for some disclaimer, I suppose removing the evidence?

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