Kogel Bay

Kogel Bay, also known by locals of the Helderberg Basin as Koel Bay (cool bay) is a favourite surfers spot. It is the most beautiful beach in our area as you can see in this photo taken inside the cave at Kogel Bay. To get to the beach is quite a walk from the road above and there is not much parking but further along is a camp site with a longer stretch of beach that is easily accessible. Local Surfers hang out here and are very protective of their spot!

Kogel Bay, is one of the most dangerous beaches in the Cape and many drowning have occured here due to a very strong rip tide so don't even think of swimming here. Kogel Bay also has Great White Sharks that are sometimes seen from above hanging around behind the back line. The last recorded shark attack here was in the late 80's to a local surfer Serge Capri.

"Please Keep Our Helderberg Basin Beaches Clean"


  1. Shark Attack today at Kogel Bay surfer died!

  2. Anonymous9/8/12

    No, Kogel is the old Dutch form, the modern Afrikaans word is Koeel (with umlaut " on the last e) , which means 'bullet'. So it is actually Koeel Baai, if you want to translate to Eng, it is "Bullet Bay". But language rules states that names of persons, towns, cities etc does not change from one language to another. So it stays Kogel Bay or Kogel baai.


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