Spotted Eagle Owl

Tonight I can hear hooo hooo... the sound of Eagle Owls that come around to visit our home every year. It's so nice to hear their sound again, in winter they seem to disappear (according to the expert in the comment below they do not go away in winter). The Helderberg Basin is home to many Owls that come to feast off the rat population in Somerset West. Our feathered friends help control rodents so please do not use Rat Poison that can harm these wonderful owls.
PS: I thought this was the Cape Eagle Owl. However the commentator below corrected me by pointing out that Cape Eagle Owls have red eyes and Spotted Eagle Owls have yellow eyes.


  1. Anonymous22/10/09

    What you are showing is the Spotted Eagle Owl (Bubo africanus)and not the Cape Eagle Owl. Cape Eagle Owls have red eyes, Spotted Eagle Owls have yellow eyes. Both are resident in the Western Cape and don't go away in the winter. Check with the birders beforehand.

  2. Thank you, for this most constructive comment. Please could you tell me how to "check with the birders"? Your help with contributions would be most welcomed in future. :-)

  3. Anonymous23/10/09

    There is a bird club in Somerset West.

    Somerset West Bird Club

    Contact John Carter: 021 852 3883


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