Strawberry Lights Festival, Main Rd, Somerset West

Christmas Street Lights on Somerset West Main Rd, December 2010

Somerset West annual Strawberry Lights Festival, has lost it's heritage, the stalls selling strawberries and cream and other interesting crafts have now been replaced by cheap Chinese junk stalls. The renown Christmas lights of Somerset West, are not as spectacular as they used to be either. Businesses operating in the Main road are taking strain, as local residents avoid the crowded street.

What do you think about the degradation of the Strawberry Lights Festival?


  1. Agree! what a disgrace to the Basin. With sooo many local goods markets around, that offer real atmosphere, great products and a secure environment for the visitors, it's a shame that the organisers stubbornly have so little selfpride and vision. They are happy to parade themselves in luxury vehicles through the streets during the opening ceremony, some wearing old gold ex this and ex that titles around their necks. And of course with so little of worth on offer, the calibre of patrons leaves much to be desired too. The streets stink and are filthy, there is a lack of toilet factilities. Can only feel sorry for the business owners in Main Road.


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