Shark Attack at Fishhoek, South Africa

Great White Shark, behind the surfline at Fishhoek Beach, False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Recently, I posted a warning about Great White Sharks and about the danger of pontial shark attacks happening close to the shoreline in False Bay. Following the fatal shark attack last year to a pensioner swimming at Fishhoek, yet another tragic shark attack happened on Sunday, 10th January.

A Great White shark estimated to be about 7m, like the one shown here, was spotted this week. The shark attacked a 38 year old Zimbabwean who was about 100m from the shoreline, only 2 meters deep. Other bathers in close proximty to the man were horrified as they saw the shark lift the man out of the water as it attacked and then came back a second time taking the man out to sea.

Experts believe eating humans is highly unusual as great whites normally take an exploration bite, then leave the victim as apparently they don't enjoy the taste of humans? Clearly this is not so as the same type of attack happened to Tracy Webb at Fishhoek and her body was never found.

The Strand has not had many deadly shark attacks. Locals say this is because of an outer reef preventing large sharks from entering the beach areas. However, I have seen big sharks just behind the surf zone of the Strand Beach on many occasions while fishing from a skiboat. Rock and Surf Anglers fishing from Shark Rock often tell stories about being harrased by large sharks.

I would advise, even though not many attacks happen at The Strand, that you stay close to the shore in front of the lifegaurds, who will warn bathers to get out if a shark is spotted in the area.

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