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Hi Stephen,

I came across your blogspot at '' and was very impressed. As a person dealing with issues concerning the Helderberg community on environmental, crime and ratepayers issues (amongst other issues), this site is most informative and I believe that the community will find it most beneficial. You have obviously dedicated a lot of time and effort into the site and hopefully the community will regularly interact with it. Well done!
For your information the following:

Under 'Helderberg Basin Links' the "Helderberg Crime Watch" link is incorrect and should be The Somerset West Police Station has a dedicated team of volunteers who run the local Somerset West Community Police Forum and do an amazing amount of work in support of the local community. They have a good up-to-date and interactive website. Could you please add their link: www.

Kind regards
Gavin Smith

Hi Gavin, thank you so much! I have corrected the link and added the forum link under Helderberg Links.

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