Julius Malema Facebook Fan Page Threatening to Kill Whites

The Julius Malema Facebook Fan Page threatening to kill and rape whites and burn white children...hard to believe these are his supporters! How much more hate speech is going to come from this? Sad to see this just before the World Cup.


  1. Anonymous23/3/10

    Why are people being so cruel, we have criminals in every culture. Why can't we just al stand together and get rid of the criminals why target innocent people and especially the kids. They have got nothing to do with this and people want to kill them. I say people that want to hurt innocent people and children are really sick and they need to think of what they are doing. They can kill and rape but just remember one thing all the people that they kill there sins will rest on there shoulders and they have to tell GOD why they killed these people. I pray that the LORD will help these people before it is too late!!!!

  2. Anonymous23/3/10

    If these are Malema fans i say we really have something ot worry about. He is the Youth League president, if the youth that look up to him feel this way about their fellow human beings then clearly this Malema dude is no role model! We need to get him out before it's all to late

  3. Anonymous23/3/10

    There are loonies in every family, town, city, country,race group, culture, circus tent, church, club, etc..
    The mistake we make is giving them space in our newspapers, airtime on our radios and TVs and a mention in our conversations - and here I am getting involved in more time-wasting by responding to this nonesense! How foolish to take time out of our days to get worked up by these people. Clearly this person is either trying to get emotional responses from people like me, or he/she is emotionally disturbed as a result of some deep hurt in their past.

  4. Anonymous23/3/10

    This is not just sick and unthinkable because of the fact that its " before the world cup" You make it sound if it would be acceptable if there wasnt a world cup.
    I wonder what the world would have said if a white person was planning to do the same things to black children . Unfortunaletely white people would never be so cruel. Maybe we should learn!

  5. Anonymous24/3/10

    I wonder what the world would have said if a white person was planning to do the same things to black children.

    They would be yelling racist at us, for it is only whites that are racist never blacks.

  6. Anonymous24/3/10

    malema is just a pathetic little squirt who is dragging the ANC down from the gutter to his level.

    Just ignore the little runt. He won't last much longer, the ANC has already got their knives out for him


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