Another Strange Fireball over Cape Town Skies

Fireball over Cape Town Sky

Eyewitnesses in Cape Town’s northern suburbs reported seeing a strange celestial sight on Monday night.Shortly after 10pm many residents witnessed a giant fireball falling from the sky.Marianne van Onselen, who lives in Uitsig, said she panicked when she looked out her window.“It was like gee whiskers, what is that! And I got up, went to the wall outside in the back yard to see has something actually crashed, were there flames? There was nothing. It looked like it was very close.”Astronomer Enrico Oliver explained the object was more than likely a bigger version of a common occurrence.“It’s a much bigger version of what you might call a shooting star. These things are typically the size of a small pebble to a boulder-sized object that enters the atmosphere and then due to air friction just burns up.” Eye Witness News

Have you seen the fireball? If so let us know and if you have pictures please send in...

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  1. I saw it flying over lions head then disappear behind signal hill, looking at it from apartment in sea point it looked as though it was gonna crash in the city bowl. It was honestly the single most frightening celestial sight ive ever seen, i thought this was it, its all over. It was enormous, almost the size if the moon.
    I heard that it must have broken into two, as there seem to be two seperate sightings, one over here in the south and up in the helderberg as well.


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