Body Casting

A friend of ours is pregnant and I do casting as hobby, mainly small casts. So, I offered to cast her as a memoir of her pregnancy. Needless to say, I was quite nervous as I have never done a human body! But I was very proud of the result and she has decided to mount the cast in a frame in the baby room.

Materials Needed:

Plaster of Paris
Sand Paper
Spray Paint


1. Prepare "subject" with lots of Vaseline to avoid rash and etc
2. Place towl or mat under the "subject"
3. Make "subject" comfortable in a semi sitting up position by pillows as support

Plaster Mix:
1. Get a large bowl and fill to halfway mark with warm water
2. Empty bags of plaster into water until the plaster forms peaks (do not stir)
3. Cut bandages into small strips
4. Stir mixture until smooth (you should do this only once ready)
5. Dip bandages into plaster mix and place over body in a V shape around breast area
6. Place around two layers of bandages for strength
7. Smooth off with a layer of plaster with your hands
8. Allow to dry, depending on weather conditions about 20 minutes. The plaster is warm until set when it will become cold.
9. Remove cast carefully
10. Allow to dry for about two days
11. Once dry apply thin layer of plaster to smooth edges and other defects
12. Allow to dry for a day
13. Smooth with sandpaper carefully you do not expose bandages
14. Spray paint
15. Drill hole on top of each breast area and feed through ribbon to hang cast.

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