Marketing To Be / M2b

Learn more about Marketing Strategy construction in synergy with your Business Plan

Understand the nature of your business and the unique offering or selling proposal (USP) - Brand Positioning Strategy the outcome;

Review this in relation to the industry you operate in and your current customers as well as desired customers – Target Market analysis the outcome;

Access the current mediums and channels used to attract the attention and interest of customers – Advertising & PR programs the outcome;

Study the internal sales team strategy and selling drives within a 12 month period – Sales & Promotions plans the outcome;

Identify the businesses specific market strategy; product strategy; pricing strategy; promotions strategy and place /distribution strategy – Marketing Mix analysis the outcome

Finally constructing all the above into a overall marketing/brand strategy for the business for a period of 5 years (single goal) which will include an 12 month marketing plan with measurable objectives and outcomes – Marketing/Brand Strategy the outcome;

Marketing Mix (7 P’s) analysis is done as the backbone of the plan.

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  1. Hi Sir
    These are some great tips, which assist us to increase our market goodwill,with considering about our current customer and our desired customer.


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