We have a dream for Umf Box…

We have a dream for Umf Box…

Who are we: really not anybody... we are mothers living in South Africa and thinking of our children’s future and the future of other South African children... Michael Jackson sang: "the children are our future..." This is exactly what we want to share with you.

We started our own business and want to contribute to help the children of our future. We are so excited about it! We will be preparing lunch boxes with organic, low GI food containing no harmful preservatives or colourants for parents to order. These will include Halaal and vegetarian options, with plans to later also offer lunch boxes for ADHD, diabetes, and other eating disorders and diseases. We present the lunch boxes very creatively, so that children will be looking forward to eating fruit and vegetables.

More about the children of our future: after our business has grown and people are aware of our goals, we aim to create a window on our website where individuals or groups can donate a lunch box to less privileged children. Our reasoning is that if children know they’ll get a meal at school, and a HEALTHY one at that, the chances are that they’d actually go. And with a healthy meal, the child’s brain can absorb what is being taught in class better, which is the basis of a better future for our children. If they have food to eat, they will be able to concentrate on work. Hopefully it can create a better South Africa for all if our children … if they can just eat well.

We have a big dream and are so excited in achieving it!

by Debbie Hedenskog

Umf Box


021-852 4421

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