Help Save Whales and Dolphins

Whales visit our coast every year, they are a major tourist attraction and the Helderberg and Hermanus are one of the best land based whale watching points worldwide
However, when they leave our coast each year to head back to the Antarctic; they face the chance of been victim to the Japenese for slaughter (so called research). The Japenese are killing up to 1500 whales per season and thousand of dolphins are been slaughtered (like image below). The Japanese continue to do this even though hunting whales and dolphins has been out lawed many years ago.
International Governments seem to not give a dam so it is up to us to help save the Whales and Dolphins. The only way the public can do this is by Boycotting all Japanese Products. This may put pressure on their government to halt this brutal slaughter of dolphins and whales.
No more made in Japan might just put an end to this madness!!!
  Made in Japan 
Japanese slaughter of dolphins every year....
Here is the Face Book Site to get help save whales and dolphins
 Boycott Japanese Products Save Whales 
Common Interest - Politics
By joining this group you pledge that you will not purchase any Japanese made automobiles or electronics, or anything from a Japanese company, nor will you travel to Japan until the Japanese government takes action and stops the whale and dolphin slaughters. The Japanese government uses its economic influence to wage a political and propaganda war against whale conservation efforts. In fact, any money flowing into the tax coffers of the Japanese government indirectly supports whaling as the... (read more)
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