Yamas Greek Restaurant Somerset West


 Yamas somerset west 

Barry started a greek restaurant a few months ago on a shoe string budget. HE SERVES THE BEST GREEK FOOD AND SCHWARMAS IN SOMERSET WEST. he is personally INVOLVED in every ASPECT of his business and is now almost fuly booked every night. I can highly RECOMMEND Yamas for a great night out or lunch. Excellent value for money and a great host! 

Yamas is located in Bright street, Somerset West where the old pizzeria used to be. 

Yamas Rating: *****

Oh, yes if you would like to make a booking:

Yamas telephone number is 076 0316563 and the trading hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 12pm - 10 pm.


  1. Paola & Graham10/5/11

    If you haven't been to Yamas yet, you are missing out. A wonderful local Greek restaurant with a great host Barry who turns ordinary meals into occasions!
    You will need to book for dinner, but lunches are just as memorable and you can just pop in.
    The menu is small but tasty and look out for the specials on the Blackboard.

  2. Anonymous11/12/11

    Wat 'n juweel! Heerlike, smaaklike kos en goeie diens, tot in die fynste detail.

  3. Me and my fiance wanted to take 12 friends to Yammas last saturday (28/07/12), so we made the booking earlier in the week and said we would like to discuss laying on some platters. We arranged to see him during service on saturday afternoon, it was the middle of service and the owner wasn't even there! we phoned him while we were at the restaurant to discuss upgrading his standard platter and he was nothing but rude to my fiance asking questions such as "have you ever eaten in a restaurant before" because we didnt want to pay R130.00 a head for olives and dips, especially when that is the price of his most expensive item which is basically a greek lambshank. We were very dissapointed, my fiance and freinds were all looking forward to the evening but on the rude replies of the owner we promptly cancelled and he has lost 14 new customers that would have been regulars. i cannot comment on how good the food was because we never ate there nor never will but i will say it cant be him that cooks it since he wasnt there during service!

  4. Anonymous8/9/12

    Thought my fiance and i would pop around the Restaurant.
    The ambiance was great with a delightful Greek setting and music, i didnt push for any sort of service as i can well imagine Barry has his hands full on any given night with regular customers ,new customers etc
    when we got a chance for our hands to be noticed we ordered an easy drinking table red wine and we had been served way overpriced acidic red wine ,half adult size meals left us feeling starved 30 minutes into the evening
    we were also told that more food was coming but by closing time nothing had arrived and we gathered that no more food more would be coming!
    We paid and should at least have been asked if we enjoyed the evening,food and drinks!
    I am writing this report with good understanding that one deserves to get what they pay for ,i appreciate the last report on this site which encouraged me to write mine as this is exactly how my fiance and i experienced eating there
    We were on our way to The Cattle Barron,Somerset West and should have completed our journey there as we have nothing less than the best food,drinks and service
    We would not go back to Yamas anytime soon when we are guaranteed better service elsewhere!

    1. Anonymous11/9/12

      We have gone to Yamas plenty of times and we have never received any bad service, even on their busiest days (like mothers day and fathers day) Barry is a very hands-on owner and gives you personalized service, telling you of the histories and how the food is prepared, etc. i have nothing bad to say, Yamas is one of our favorite places. I guess in life you'll always find that some people are complainers. its impossible to keep everyone happy.(even if you're doing your best, sometimes your best isn't good enough for others)

  5. I should not really comment but, I would like to say that Greek Food is not a one course meal! Little platters should be served through out the evening while enjoying the company and etc! So, I think some of the experiances may be due to the expectations of more tradional resturants...just a thought!

  6. Christina Pretorius21/9/12

    We ate dinner there last night, and it was very good. Even at its best Greek food is not fancy pants stuff, but it does require good quality ingredients, and to be tasty and well cooked. For me Yamas ticks the boxes very well.


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