The Best of the Best on the field of 'Nutrition'

I do hope everyone had a wonderful rest during the holidays and that you are ready to take control of your health in 2011!

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to organise the Best of the Best on the field of 'Nutrition' to get your year off to a positive and informed start.. Read on..

I think the one thing that stands out for me in the last year or two are the number of people diagnosed with cancer!!

It seems to have increased dramatically and the number one reason, clearly, is diet and lifestyle choices. Heart disease is unheard of in our family, yet one of my own siblings suffered a serious heart attack in 2010 while exercising, even though he had started moving towards a healthier diet. Even people on so called "healthy" diets have fallen prey to this 'disease of affluence' contributing to a fear that has gripped so many people.

So.. before we get to the New Year Detox, I want to encourage you all to make a concerted effort to get to the 1st International Natural Health Conference here in South Africa on 29th January in Johannesburg and 5th February in Cape Town.

To read more go to and to book go to

The cost of spending a day with the top nutritional biochemist and one of the top naturopaths and being "informed, inspired and motivated" is negligible compared to what you will save in medical costs, even in the next year, never mind the rest of your life. Mark and I will both be there to spend some time with you on each day and we are so looking forward to connecting with many of you. There are plenty of seats still available, but possibly not for long. Book now and change your life forever!

One or two of you have sent me a link to Dr. Joseph Mercola a medical doctor (with no nutritional training) who is desperate to slate whatever Dr Colin Campbell has to say about nutrition. He goes so far as to find a 24 year old, who is presently still studying nutrition and claims to know everything (amazing, the arrogance of youth) about nutrition and who makes very emotionally-charged statements about Dr Campbell and The China Study.

What amazes me, is that neither Dr. Mercola, or his associate, Dr Eades or their protege' (Chris Masterjohn) offer any science or research to back their statements. They claim that Dr Weston Price (a dentist, who traveled around the world in the early 1900's studying how diet affected people's teeth and health) agrees with them. The Man has been dead for decades and he would turn in his grave if he knew what they were up to! I have read his work and believe me it is not what he says! They make sweeping statements about their own personal health, claim that it is science and there it ends. It is just a handful of people, who seem to love the sound of their own voices or sight of their own words, and, after reams of pages say exactly nothing of any value.

What would induce anyone to take the amount of time and effort they do to be so destructive and abusive? I can only assume that they have been affected financially by Dr Campbell's research and his book, The China Study, that or just plain green-eyed jealousy - he has sold many books and appeared on international television and is respected worldwide. Sadly, some of these critical people claim to know God. (I wonder what He thinks of their words?)

I would think, all of us would do best, encouraging people to make healthier choices and stop trying to be the GURU of all health. The word EGO comes to mind, which I have heard stands for, "Edge God Out" As the song goes, "accentuate the positive" - let's all focus on adding more natural, good food to our diets for starters and stop breaking others down because of their different approach, to diet or religion for that matter!

Awesome read this holiday was "Have a little Faith" by Mitch Albom, the author or "Tuesdays With Morrie" and "5 People you meet in heaven". Be ready for a paradigm shift as to what grace really is!

Come and hear some words of sound wisdom for yourself; see the program below..

less than 3 weeks to go now so BOOK NOW!!!

5th February 2011

7:30 AM Registration and Introductions
8:30 AM Session 1- Dr Pam Popper – “Supplements, what research tells us
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Session 2 - Dr. Colin Campbell – “Nutrition the premier medical science of the future
11:30 AM Break
12:00 PM Session 3 - Dr Pam Popper – “Hormones, the role diet plays
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Session 4 - Dr Colin Campbell – “Cancer & protein what is the connection
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Forks over Knives” the Movie and Q&A with Drs Campbell & Popper
5:00 PM
6:00 PM Ends

By: Mary-Ann Shearer


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