Welcome 2011!

 If like me you could not wait for 2010 to end, relax. It has arrived amid all the bells and whistles that a New Year deserves.

We have had quite a phenomenal year in retrospect. We made many changes regarding the running of our business. Having a business partner that has an instinct for numbers, AND trends, has meant that we have done a lot of shifting, downscaling and brainstorming about the future and our goals.

Melanie is truly talented when it comes to reading financials and projecting. Following her instinct has always been the right thing to do, and over the years I have learnt to very rarely question it, as I have seen the pay offs and benefits.

So for about a year now we have implemented these changes, such as changing our accountants, scaling down staff and getting quite radical in terms of stock, beverages and ultimately our bottom line.

Mel is what I would like to call an “A type” personality. She is a perfectionist and one of, if not, the hardest worker (apart from me) that I know.

I on the other hand seem to be an ADD/ artistic type…
So put the two of us together and you are bound to see some fireworks!

But we have a great working relationship as our nearly 10 years at Avontuur testifies.

Daily I pay homage to her great work ethic, dedication and delegation skills.  She is a hard task master and sets very high standards.

I always say that once you have learnt from Melanie, you have learnt for life.

So looking forward to this year, I expect to see the fruit of our labour come into its own. Setting new goals, creative problem solving and continued learning is on the agenda.
Here’s to a year filled with new networking contacts, financial abundance, and opportunity and most importantly fun.
Bring on 2011, we are ready!
Melanie on the left and Zunia, Patron chefs Avontuur Estate 

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