Africa Burn Golf Day

Wednesday 27th April – Monday 2nd May

The Department of Mutant Vehicles fundraiser

Dear Mutant Golfers,

We are having our first annual golf day on the Sunday 20th March at the prestigious Somerset West Golf course.


This is to raise funds to repair the trike and get some more mutant vehicles roadworthy.

So we can better patrol the highways and byways of Tankwa Town, and render even more assistance where-ever and when-ever it is needed.


We will have at least 7 wet holes to take care of the thirst, each of which will be pimped to the max!
And prizes for all. Snacks, raffles, hampers, prizes, auctions, etc etc.
The format will be American Scramble with a couple of surprise holes for more fun fun fun.
For those of you that are not too familiar with the rules, please put a 3 ball together and we will provide you with a "Celebrity Player" as a fourth.

All for the low low price of R250 per player


We invite any one who has ever swung a club on a course to join us for what promises to be a party of note.
We have 46 fourball slots available.
Never swung a club before? Don't let that stop you joining in the fun!
There's plenty of time to practice before the games begin. Or better yet, volunteer to help out behind the scenes.


We need to confirm this booking at the course urgently - monday 21st March is a public holiday and the regular punters are all after our sunday slot.

We only have till this friday 18th February to secure the course.
Please guys get your teams together and fill in the application forms soon soon.
We have a whole lot to organise and we don’t want anyone to miss out.


We are also looking for a bunch of non-playing volunteers on the day to help.
We have those wonderfully fabulous AfrikaBurn t-shirts for you, in recognition of your loveliness and labour.
There are a multitude of things that need to be done to make the day really something to talk about to your grandchildren / mechanic, when they come to visit.

Wives, husbands, lovers, brothers, sisters, children, aged in-laws, neighbours, and mechanics coming to AB this year . . . everybody is welcome!


There are only 46 fourball slots available so don’t dawdle, just do it, or you may miss out on playing.
Download your form in here, fill it in and email it to

Yours in Mutation,

Robert Weinek

"death before golf"


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You want to volunteer your time? Excellent, write to


Department of Public Works:



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