Vergelegen Medi Clinic Warned about poor services

Western Cape Health MEC Theuns Botha has released a stern warning to health professionals to do their jobs properly or face disciplinary action.

Botha has commented after an Eyewitness News investigation into a barrage of complaints about Vergelegen Medi-Clinic in Somerset West.

Complaints range from physicians making incorrect diagnosis to inattentive nursing staff.

A 92-year-old woman who contacted EWN says nursing staff at Vergelegen’s ward G were more interested in chatting amongst themselves than assisting her.

The woman claims some nurses also refused to bring her a bed-pan and when they did, it was too late as she had already messed in the bed.

The MEC says he will not tolerate elder abuse in the in neither the state nor private sector.

Vergelegen management is investigating complaints about its trauma unit, ward G and nursing staff.

(Edited by Lindiwe Mlandu)


  1. Been sitting at vergelegen mediclinics reception for what feels like forewer. Not enough staff to assist me with pre admission im told. If this is the pre service. Whats it going to be like once admitted.


  2. The service at this hospital is pathetic,ive been here twice first time I was very far in my pregnancy and bleeding,I went to the emergency unit where I waited forever to see a doctor,I couldn't wait any longer so I asked how long it was going to take as I was in so much pain,the lady told me that they see to babies first and she walked away.I was disgusted however decided to ignore medical aid rejected the claim and their accounts department was quick to harass me for their just came to the emergency unit again with my daughter,took an hour to open a file,got to see a doctor who suggested that blood tests needs to be done.God help me the man looks like a student he could not even put a drip on,the one nurse is very rude spoke to us like we are kids.i hate this hospital and if it was up to me all of them would be fired.

  3. My wife just had a huge back operation. Last night she was in so much pain she could not breath and kept pressing the help button but no response. She eventually screamed and banged on the table for help and NOTHING. 45 minutes later the nurse arrived and said she was on the PHONE. Then gave her two panado's. She just had a back op and they gave her FREAKING PANADOS after her doctor instructed them to give her morphine at night. This is disgusting and I am signing a petition against them. They will not get away with this


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