That's How I (salmon) Roll!

What I have realised is that when I am depressed, the comfort food I seek is not roasted chicken and all the trimmings. No, I seek the clean, mouth filling textures of sushi.

Sushi, sashimi, nigiri. The words roll off the tongue like raindrops...

Somehow sushi comforts when one is down, adds to any celebration, no matter how small and is instant gratification all rolled up in a neat, edible piece of art.

K and I know our local sushi joints like the back of our hands. And the one that wins hands down is ‘Blue Waters’ in Somerset West.

We love Gu and Brian like family.
Gu and Brian
The restaurant is Greek inspired but they have a sushi bar that can hold its own with the best.

It is not pretentious and does not aspire to be anything but what it is. Our local sushi joint.

Did you know that it can take up to 11 years to become trained in the art of sushi?
I have watched Brian grow and learn and as he has, so have his Japanese inspired body tattoos.
I am glad that they have not ‘ bastardized’ their menu by offering deep fried California rolls or fish fingers. Seriously, what is that? An attempt to turn what is an art form into yet another carcinogenic offering to the masses?

You will find some interesting takes on well known favourites, but my all time favourite is and always will be, their salmon roses. They are the best I have EVER eaten... They even come in two sizes! Yummy!
Salmon rolls from Heaven!
Of course if you do not drink Saki, the next best pairing would be a full bodied Chardonnay or a perky Chenin Blanc. I am particularly fond of the Kleine Zalze bush vines Chenin.
My second favorites
A match made in heaven that certainly needs no special occasion or blue day to take pleasure in!

You can visit them at the Oude Huis Centre in Van der Stel, or call them on 0218528012.

Written by Zed from 'Just Not Like The Others'

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