Gordon's Bay Beach Filthy

On Sunday, I took my kids to Gordon's Bay. It was one of those rare days that the wind was not blowing and the sky was bright blue. There are rides on the beach front and my kids really enjoyed themselves jumping on the bungee trampolines!

Then we went down to the beach, the water was flat and it reminded me of the "old" Gordon's Bay days when as a child I used to spend hours in the water. We laid out our towels and my kids ran off into the sea. I joined them, then looked down at my feet and could not believe the filth beneath my feet! Garbage every where from plastic bags, wrappers, disposable nappies and even a pad! I called my kids in and we collected three bags of litter.

If all of us going to the beach could collect a few bags of rubbish, then perhaps we could make a dent in this sea of trash. We could lead by example and perhaps the trash that litter our beaches may think twice before they litter our beaches.

Stephen Leppan

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