My FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder) - a VERY personal post

We recently had dinner with old friends - great company, beautiful food, fires inside and storms out - get the image? As my buddy, Oliver, leans to check his phone, I jokingly I challenge him: "First one to touch their phone pays the bill!" 'Twas an innocent enough comment. Nothing to it. Oliver (never one to back out of a dare) shakes - Game ON! Who doesn't want to get out of paying a bill, right? Nothing to it, right?

There we were, loving the laughter and mucking about, savouring beautiful food and lapping up exciting catch-up tales. When the vibrations start. Zzzttt... and again, zzztttt - was that more urgent? more like a ZZZTTT? At this point I turn the phone over to not see the screen. Oli let that slide - think he was trying to control the itch from his vibrator in his pants pocket.
"Oh," says Mr O, "go for it - by all means, check your phone!" 
Nay, I say, being the Mercy champion of all time! NO ONE beats me at a challenge, least of all a little phone. Yet throughout the evening, although enjoying every minute, there was this nagging part, call it FOMO(?) call it whatever, that wondered how so-'n-so was doing or what battles were being fought on such-'n-such a FB stage... And while Oliver chirps about his latest business ordeal and the kids come steaming in for their food, I realise that I MIGHT ever so slightly have developed a problem... 

Now I'm not one for shifting blame, but this is what the experts say:  the ubiquitous nature of Facebook is the primary reason for its worldwide appeal (I think they mean it's everywhere all the time). Use of Facebook is not problematic, per se, unless it infringes on everyday activities and becomes detrimental to one's daily functioning in real life. (Phew - not me then!

Just to be sure though, I check down the things they point out to being warning signs of possible addiction... 

·       I spend inordinate time on Facebook, yes, but it's always for a really good reason.

·         Yeah, if truth be told, from time to time I get really cheesed if so-'n-so doesn't get back to me or I see them online and they still don't message me back! (Who doesn't get upset with that?)

·         My profile pic - how recently did I change it? About a week ago (but it was for a great Heart campaign that we were all involved in and so surely I doesn't count?)

·         Oh my gosh - I check my FB all the time! Confession? EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Can't read any further... even in the bathroom! AND I find myself making excuses to go to said 'rest' room to check up on my likes and 'friends'!

I start checking the whole list and find to my abhorrent shock and horror that indeed, I too am an addict. The only thing I don't do is play on the site - Candy Crush and Farmville is sooooo not me! Oh and the friends thing? Nah, not me either.
This is the part where I Google the cure - go ahead... you know you want to! See how that works out for you!

So I promise myself - If I can face a giant I can face this addiction. How? Not sure! Maybe my friends on FB will know?

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