Will you?

Will you? Will you wake up from your stupor, the numbing, the chemically induced that saps your pain and squashes it into bottles of pills and feelinglessness? Will you stand up? Will you take action instead of indifference? Letting those in power get away with mass destruction in the name of the law?
We witnessed through social media tonight an all-too-familiar event in the lives of the voice-less. We witness the photos with horror and fear, of our fellow humans sitting destitute on broken lives. We witnessed their angst, their fear - devoid of numbing agents and chemical feelinglessness. Their plight an all too real reminder of our own potential fall.
What happened is a symptom of the deliberate execution of power, a tangible and purposeful move to remind us that we are mere pawns in a greater game, where fear is the sharpest blade forced down by the overlords' minions who perpetuate the status quo without ever a moments' thought to the impact thereof on their fellow humans.
In the system we breathe in control. Control of power, of money, of position. We breathe it in and exhale it over our children. Respect for authority. Respect for those in the KNOW. Those stronger than us. Those who will never do anything to harm their own, teach us that we do everything we can to protect our own. They make us believe that it is better to protect our own than take a stance against those who threaten and enact wrath against those who move on the fringe of society, who clean our toilets and wash our cars. Those who have no voice.
We are trained mentally shaped to trust that the law should be protected above all else. The law after all gives power and takes away power, the law makes it possible to own and to disown, to take and release. The law is blind. It is blind to colour, creed, culture. It is impartial.
The law is not the people. The law is not a shivering child caught in barbed wire. The law is not a crying father as he watches his Matric daughters' books burn, fluttery reminders of 11 years of tears, of joys, of diligence, of sacrifice. The law is not the mother searching for her child's favourite jacket among rubble where once she provided safety. The law is not the son cutting his hands on corrugated iron, rusted and mangled, searching for his father's photo so they don't loose everything of him.
We have the choice.
A social revolution is on the cards. Not one of gaining more power and money, of grabbing land or positions. This only perpetuates and reinvents a system of domination based on OTHERNESS.
A social revolution is on the cards where those lost to numbness, to domination and the reproduction of the system, take back their power of choice. We can make a new social world. What are we afraid of.
Together. No OTHER.

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