City of Cape Town Put's a Halt to H.C.W Patrols on N2 HELL RUN

City has stopped additional security patrolling on the N2 by NGO.

The City of Cape Town’s Mayco member for Traffic and Law Enforcement, J.P.Smith has due to legalities, stopped the private initiative by the residents of Somerset West to increase the patrolling of the N2. Helderberg Crime Watch (HCW) was approached by the Chairman of the Somerset West Community Police Forum, Mr B.Smith, to patrol the N2 from 4am in the mornings to 7am. They did not hesitate to offer their financial support to this initiative. HCW subsequently appointed Vetus Schola to patrol the N2.

This initiative was driven by the horrendous and brutal attack on W/O Holz who lost his life, as well as the attack on Jacque Loots, who was assaulted and stabbed by the same criminals. “I approached HCW to assist in protecting our community, with the understanding that we need to boost our security on the N2, especially, in the areas where there are no Street Lights on the N2” said Mr B. Smith. “Initially we had the full support from all Law Enforcement Agencies and for the past three months we have had a incident free N2”. Then, last Friday at about 5.45am the Security Officer was pulled off the road by a City Ghost Squad Member. He proceeded to confront the security officer and inquired about the flashing lights of the vehicle; the Ghost Squad Member then took the vehicles license off the car and gave the Security Officer a summons. “I immediately contacted J.P. Smith and inquired why this is happening. At first he was perplexed and said it not one of his officers”, said Mr B.Smith. It was eventually discovered that it was indeed one of the Metro Officers. The Metro have been extremely helpful over those 3 months, even inviting the CPF to their Joint Operations Meetings in Goodwood. Over this period of 3 months HCW have assisted over 130 motorists who became stranded on the N2, and the accolades from the residents and community has been overwhelming. “It was our aim to improve the safety to the commuters on the N2, and work closely with both Province and Metro so that we can prevent another Holz incident on the N2” Said Mr B.Smith.

We are all aware that the City and SANRAL are at loggerheads with each other over the Toll Roads proposal, and no additional expenditure will be invested on the N2 until this court case is finalized. The lack of overhead street lightening is the responsibility of SANRAL. “But, their squabble is putting the lives of our commuters at risk on the N2 and I cannot accept that” said Mr B.Smith.  

After numerous telephonic discussions and emails, Mr Richard Bosman, then sent a email requesting that we continue with our patrols, but within the framework of the law.

We cannot continue with our patrols under these conditions, as only official sanctioned vehicles are allowed to patrol the National Roads.

We will not be able to stop to assist motorists, as one is not allowed to stop on the N2, it is only when a vehicle is inoperable that a motorist is allowed to have a stationary vehicle on the N2.

HCW, patrol on the verge of the N2 at 4am in the morning to ensure that there are no Bricks, Concrete or Metal obstructions in the road. This is against the law.

If an obstruction is identified on the N2, the Security Officer may not use flashing lights, it is expected that he use his cars emergency lights, and only have his static light on the roof of the vehicle. Motorist traveling at speeds of 120km/h will hit these obstacles and the result would be self evident.

The CPF is truly concerned about the way the CoCT have approached this initiative, which is community funded and driven at no cost to the City or the Province. “I have tried to reason with the City Officials, but to no avail” Said Mr B.Smith. The stance of the City is putting peoples lives at risk, HCW are prepared to commence with the patrols tomorrow if the City could be more lenient.

Press Release: Bill Smith, Chairperson Somerset West CPF


  1. The law continues to be an ass.

  2. You would think that law enforcement would put more effort into preventing people from walking on the N2, which is also illegal. Stray pedestrians, even if they aren't placing on throwing rocks on the roadway, are putting their lives at risk and could also cause potentially fatal accidents. The HCW people are only on the N2 to provide extra security for motorists because the initial problem of people on the roadway seems to be too big to be effectively policed. HCW wouldn't need to patrol the N2 if the initial problem of people and rocks on the road was eradicated!

  3. What would the possibilities be if we were to rally interesting parties to sign a list of concerned citizens and members, stating our grievances against the decisions taken as well as the main reasons why the patrolling was stopped!!! Give them a show of force on how many people we have behind the safety initiative? Please let us at least try and do something to show how serious we are. If it was any of the Black or coloured communities, they would have organised a march to show their discontent, I am not saying we should do that, but something drastic should be done. I would be the first to support something like that!!!


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