N2 - Western Cape Hot Spots


Motorists using the N2 are warned to take extra care and be vigilant especially, when passing the official N2 Hot spots. These are where there are many incidents of stone throwing, rocks or other objects been placed on the freeway. 

The following are the official Hot Spots that have been  identified; seven bridges on the N2. Jakes Gerwel, Borchards Quarry, Duinefontein Road, Pine, Nieuw Road, Baden Powell and Macassar. Those are the seven hot spot areas and then the areas between those bridges.

N2 Motorists should use 112 from a cell phone and/or join the HCW/VETUS N2 Patrol Channel on Zello. A two way radio app on your cell phone that has close to 1,500 users and is monitored by Western Cape Crime Channel.  

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