2nd General Meeting of the Helderberg Residents Association

The Helderberg Residents Association is holding it's 2nd General Meeting:

Date 11/04/2016 Time 7 - 8 pm
Venue: Somerset West Library Hall


1. COCT Valuations and Rate Hikes in depth analysis and how to object

This is an urgent matter as the deadline for objections is around the corner. This will be of special interest to any commercial, industrial or residential property owners. 

2. The Festival of Lights on Somerset West Main Road 

A brief introduction to a proposal, business owners objections on main road. 

3. Recycling Sewage Systems to new homes not connected to sewage lines, yet are still been charged by COCT for sewage which is built into your water bill. 

With heavy pressure on sewage in the Helderberg. A discussion will be held how the City can separate sewage from water bills to inventive new property owners to install recycle systems. 

This is short notice however there is an urgency to object to the COCT Valuations and new rate hikes. 

We the exeutive, look forward to your attendance. If you would like to know more about the Helderberg Residents Association please join our Facebook Page.  


Stephen Leppan

HRA Helderberg helderbergresidents@gmail.com

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