Jacob Zuma backed by ANC Majority Impeachment Motion

A motion to impeach Jacob Zuma failed in South Africa Parliament today. All opposition parties were in unity to impeach Jacob Zuma after a ground breaking judgement in the Constitutional Court of South Africa. The ANC who hold a two thirds majority stood by their president and asked Members of Parliament to forgive Jacob Zuma, they even quoted bible verses. One ANC speaker attacked the New York Times for publishing a story about the President of South Africa.The ANC state that Jacob Zuma did not seriously break the constitution.  Minority parties including the DA and EFF walked out of parliament and are forming a united front to bring down Jacob Zuma. The outcome of the decision to back their president will be seen in local government elections this year.  

Here is the link to article in the New York Times....http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/02/opinion/time-for-south-africasjacob-zuma-to-step-down.html?_r=0

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