Helderberg Residents Association

New Helderberg Residents Association

From left Bill Smith, David Bullard, Michelle Theron, Stephen Leppan, Marianne Groenwald, Peter Brand and Geoff Morgan

The first meeting of the newly formed Helderberg Residents Association (HRA) on March 1st saw the formation of a seven person executive committee chaired by Stephen Leppan. Other committee members are Bill Smith (Vice Chair) Chairperson CPF, Marianne Groenewald (Secretary) , Peter Brand (Treasurer) Chairperson HCW, David Bullard PRO, Michelle Theron Member (Chairperson CID) and Geoff Morgan Member.

The HRA aims to represent all residents, businesses and non government organisations in The Helderberg area and to be a lobby group that will bring important issues to the attention of the relevant authorities. And we have no shortage of issues. Crime, safety and security, poor living conditions, traffic congestion, environmental issues, education and health care are just a small sample of the issues affecting all residents of The Helderberg area, rich and poor.

The HRA (which has no political allegiances) hopes to build an inclusive forum that will act in the best interests of the community and of local business. The intention is to encourage residents of this beautiful part of the Western Cape to help build a better, brighter future for all who live here.

An open meeting is planned shortly at The Somerset West Library Hall and will be announced shortly.

The Helderberg Residents Association contact e.mail is HRA Helderberg helderbergresidents@gmail.com

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