Hunt Is On For "Douglas" The Gardener

The hunt is on for the gardener known only as Douglas who strangled Robert Stanton an 82 year old at his home in the Links, Somerset West.

His wife Elsie Stanton survived after she managed to fight for her life and tried to save her husband's life. Before fleeing the scene he threatened to come back to kill her.

Douglas worked for the couple for over two years. On Saturday morning he was busy doing some maintenance around the couples home. Sometime on an argument broke out and Mrs Stanton heard a commotion and went to investigate. When she walked outside she was attacked by Douglas who tried to strangle her. She fought back and managed to fend him off by biting him. He then jumped over the wall and ran off threatning to come back to kill her. She immediately went into thier home and pressed the panic button which altered the security company and police. She found her husdband under a tree in their garden with a rag stuffed in his mouth and a belt around his neck. The ambulance arrived on the scene but her husdband was allready dead.

If you saw anything on that day please contact the Somerset West Police station who are soon to release sketches of the suspect.

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