Metro Police Assault and Arrest Traffic Light Vendors

On our way to Church this morning, our family was horrified to witness Metro Police rushing up to the intersection at the R44 and Main Road, Somerset West at Lord Charles. The next moment Metro Police Officials jumped out of their vehicles and gave chase to the vendors selling goods. The one Metro Official assaulted a vendor kicking him while he was lying on the ground. The vendors were arrested and their goods were confiscated. In a country were unemployment is so high I wonder why these inocent vendors are picked on as they are only trying to earn a honest day's living. What else are these vendors meant to do? Surely selling their goods to earn a living is better than been forced to a life of crime? To say the least I'm totally disgusted at this and wonder what is so illegal about trying to earn a living?


  1. i am in total agreement. These vendors get up every day rain or shine to try and sell their wares. They are not breaking into our homes, stealing our cars or hurting us. Surely as a community we should be supporting them where we can - by supporting them we ensure that they stay out of crime. Our community is made up of all manner of people.As for the police... when these kinds of things happen i have to ask are there not enough criminals to pursue... why is time and resource not being used to reduce the crime rate rather than attacking those trying to make some life, some contribution.

  2. Anonymous20/7/10

    Dear fellow citizin of the Helderberg. Why do you think selling goods at a streetlight is a honourable way of making a living. Don't you know that these people are a trafic hazard. Are mostly not South African and are working on commission for a dealer with a ware-house close to the trafic light.They are thus in competition and also a threat to the businesses in the town trying to make a living on a more stable basis.Would be better if the government would protect the community from such invaders.Short term simpathy can create long term tears.Please rather support your local stores and don't buy on the street.


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